Exhibited at the Mattress Factory Museum Pittsburgh as part of the exhibition 'Nothing is impossible' curated by Mark Garry and Georgina Jackson. 
A sculpture made from salvaged timber from the ‘Racer’ Roller Coaster (Built 1927). 
During the off-season many rides at Kennywood park, Pittsburgh, undergo annual maintenance and in 2010 some of the very old wooden sections required replacement. The generous management at Kennywood allowed Byrne to procure a number of the older wooden sections from ‘The Racer’. The sculpture offers a pathway through the gallery space. 

The Racer Roller Coaster, Kennywood. 
Stop the world I want to get off, installed at The Mattress Factory Museum, Pittsburgh 2010. 
'Collective Assembly', Audio work installed in the corridor and stairwell leading to the gallery space. 
5 track multi channel audio installation.
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