A solo exhibition presented by Four Gallery and hosted by the Kerlin gallery, Dublin. 

In Kerlin’s private viewing room, Byrne built a full-scale section of a wooden roller coaster. The tracks cut through the space as though looping through the floor and re-emerging, before cutting through the back wall and disappearing off into the city. 
Byrne also presents the early results of a collaborative research project with renowned environmental and investigative psychologist, David Canter. This work is an exploration of the relationship between behaviour and experience in the built and natural environment. In an audio track of a discussion about meaning and space, Canter reflects, amongst other things, on how galleries operate in relation to his idea of ‘rules of place’.

Photo by Ines Billings
'Phase One.' Edition, Photo rag print. 
Photo by Ines Billings
Irish edition of the Sunday Times. Culture magazine. 
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