Locws international 3, Swansea,Wales 2007
Curated by Tim Davies, Grace Davies and DavidHastie. 11 artists invited to make work responding to Swansea city through a period of investigation. 
‘Learning to fly overSwansea’ was developed in response to explorations of Swansea city. For this project Rhona took a series of flying lessons in a small aircraft and navigated the coastal city of Swansea, Wales. The process of  learning how to fly was filmed and projected inside St Mary’s Church, Swansea’s largest and most central church. The film looked down on the landscape and people below and eventually circles St Marys church where the viewer stands. 
‘This blurring of high and pop culture, past, present, spiritual and secular, exposes the multilayered surfaces of the city, with the past, present and future jostling for space in an identity which, by its nature, is in a continual state of flux’  Debbie Savage, locws international 3 catalogue
Video still. 
Installation at St Mary's church. 
Video installation at St Mary's Church Swansea. 
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