On Laughter
An ongoing project. 
This event took place in October 2011 as part of 'Our Day Will Come' a project by Paul O'Neill 
curated by Fiona Lee and part of 'Iteration:Again' Tasmania, curated by David Cross.
Over one week a number of laughter and humour workshops were presented during 
'Our Day Will Come' by joyologist Annette Psereckis, Robyn E Bishop and Daryl Peebles. 
A balloon sculpture was also constructed during this week and as an event carried to join the Hobart Laughter Club at David's Park, Salamanca, Hobart, Tasmania. 
This subject was further explored in Melbourne with the Mitcham Laughter club. 

A Laughter workshop with joyologist Annette Psereckis. Our Day Will Come. 2011.
A Laughter workshop with joyologist Annette Psereckis.
Procession with sculpture to St Davids Park, Hobart, to join the Hobart laughter Club. Photo by Millie Mutimer.
Hobart Laughter Club, St Davids Park, Hobart Tasmania. Facilitated by Robyn Bishop. 
Mitcham Laughter Club, Melbourne, collaborating on a laughter video work . Facilitated by Bronwyn Roberts.
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