'Phishing the Landscape' curated by Berlin-based artists Clementine Roy & Catriona Shaw and with nine international artists at Verksmi∂jan, Hjalteyri in Iceland. 'Ridge' is a site responsive sculptural work made from materials, animals and by people inhabiting the landscape of Hjalteyri, Iceland. A participatory gathering invited the local Sheep farmers Club (Saudfjárraektarfélag Skriduhrepps) to dance on the wool to make felt for the installation.
Medium : sheep wool (felt), timber and wheels.
Worn landscape. Photographic print. Felt made from local sheep wool with sheep farmers. Iceland 2014 
A wool dance gathering inviting the local Sheep farmers Club 'Saudfjárraektarfélag Skriduhrepps' and artists in the exhibition to dance on raw wool gathered from local sheep to make large pieces of felt.  www.saudur.123.is
Felt drying after the wool dancing event. 
Ridge. Felt, furniture castors and timber sourced from a local disused structure. 
Detail of castors. 
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