In developing a series of works for the exhibition 'Nothing is impossible' curated by Mark Garry and Georgina Jackson at the Mattress Factory Museum in Pittsburgh 2010,, Byrne examines the amusement park industry and in particular wooden roller coasters, their physical experience and people who love them. During her explorations she met with the American Coaster Enthusiasts club (ACE), is the world’s largest ride enthusiast organisation and has nearly 7,000 members across the U.S. A number of works were developed with members of this club. ACE, a two screen video work, documents interviews of ACE members about the love and experience of the journey of a rollercoaster, recorded at the East Coaster Convention at Allentown, PA.
She also collaborated with composer Nathan Hall on producing a choral score of the sounds of a journey on a particular wooden roller coaster. She later invited Pittsburgh-based members of ACE to perform “Coaster Choir,” a phonetic description and vocal soundscape of this journey. 
This has also been translated into other performative works where people were invited to take part in performing ‘Coaster Choir’ instructed by a video of Nathan Hall entitled 'Coaster Conductor' where he conducts a live audience. This has been performed with live audiences at numerous events and presentations and has so far been translated into Finish and Turkish. 
Roller Coaster Enthusiasts from ACE performing 'Coaster Choir' 2010
DVD Video 2min 17secs. 
Audio of Coaster Choir. 2min 17secs
Video Still. Duration 2mins 17 secs DVD
ACE 12 Interviews with Roller Coaster Enthusiasts. 2 DVD videos 12mins each.  

5 track audio installation that runs along the corridor of the Mattress factory Gallery, Pittsburgh 
using extracts of the Coaster Choir running through the corridor. 
Coaster Conductor, instructive video. 
Video Still. 'Coaster Conductor' Instruction Video for an audience to participate in Coaster Choir
2010 2mins 20 secs. Conducted by Nathan Hall
Coaster Conductor and Coaster Choir at Tampere Art Museum, Finland, for the three person 
exhibition ' Body and Movement'. 2011
Coaster Conductor with audience participation at Graceland Festival, Curated by Vaari Claffey Dromahair.2010 
Coaster Conductor at Sinop Biennial, Turkey curated by Vaari Claffey and Rana Ozturk
Performed by students of Architecture at UCD 2010

Nathan Hall conducting a version of the Coaster Choir with an audience of 200 in

University of Colorado- Boulder College of Music, Pendulum New Music Concert series. 

November 30 Grusin Music Hall, Boulder, Colorado
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